Harrison brings Common to Columbia as Graham speaks on key SCOTUS vote

Harrison brings Common to Columbia as Graham speaks on key SCOTUS vote

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - From the Capital City to Capitol Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison are continuing to campaign hard to represent South Carolina in the US Senate.

During tonight’s historic confirmation vote of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham gave a speech on the Senate Floor.

While back here at home, Graham’s opponent in the tight race for the US Senate Seat, Democrat Jaime Harrison held a drive-in, get-out, and vote concert at the Charlie W. Johnson stadium at Benedict College with Grammy award-winning artist Common to rally support for his campaign.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s record and character were central to Senator Lindsey Graham’s speech in support of the judge. She became the next justice of the United States Supreme Court less than an hour later by a 52 to 48 vote.

“She has exceeded every challenge put in her way, she has impressed everybody she has worked with,” Graham said. “She has impressed the country. She is going onto the Court because that is where she deserves to be.”

Urging Americans to look beyond party, Graham highlighted what Barrett’s colleagues say about Barrett.

“She has a staggering academic mind,” Graham said reciting what one of her colleagues wrote about Barrett. “She is incredibly honest and forthright, nothing about her is fake, she is good she is decent, selfless and sincere, she is exemplary of a living integrated life”

In a statement on Monday, Graham once again called on Harrison to declare how he would vote on Barrett’s nomination if he were in the Senate.

“Judge Barrett is one of the most highly qualified people to ever be nominated to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court...I have made my position clear. It is time for my opponent to do the same,” wrote Graham.

When asked this question again at a quick news conference outside Toliver’s Mane Event Barbershop in Columbia, Harrison once again repeated that he wants to know more about Barrett’s views before saying how he’d vote.

“Where does she stand on Brown vs. Board? Where does she stand on Roe [vs. Wade]? If I don’t have an answer on them, if I don’t feel comfortable on them, that dictates whether or not I’ll support her,” Harrison told reporters.

Common praised Harrison’s answer and called the candidate a “legend in the making.” Common said he’s," been looking for someone who is caring, who takes time to listen." Common said he reached out to the Harrison team to help campaign for the former S.C. Democratic Party Chair. He said he has been traveling around the country too, “make people aware” about politics.

“A lot of people feel not including when it comes to politics and the way the government system has been functioning. That’s why I am here,” Common said.

Harrison didn’t mention the confirmation vote during a campaign rally that took place at around the same time as the vote. Instead, he focused on the changes he wants to bring to South Carolina.

“Too many communities in South Carolina lack hope and opportunity,” Harrison said. “Too many communities folks who don’t have health insurance. Too many communities don’t have broadband, how do we expect our children to compete with the rest of the world when they can’t even connect with the rest of the world?”

Despite the differences in venue, both candidates stressed what they will bring to the table for voters if they win the seat in 8 days.

“I’m going to do with the next president what I’ve tried to do with this one and every other one—try to find a way forward on things that are hard and keep the country moving forward,” Graham said.

“I’m going to wake up every day, I’m going to eat lunch every day and go to bed every night thinking how I can improve your life and your family’s lives,” Harrison said.

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