Money Matters: Will the 2020 election impact the market?

Money Matters: Will the 2020 election impact the market?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - For this week’s Money Matters segment we discuss the election year’s impact on your money. Many people have opinions on if this will impact the market, but financial advisor Josh Bradley with Capital City Financial Partners shares his take. Here are a couple questions he answered.

What could the election’s impact be on our wallets?

“This is obviously a big topic, almost every commercial is about this. Every news story is about the election in some form. We would caution people, don’t overreact from an investment standpoint in the short term. Yes, the markets can jump up and down, but they normally normalize right after the election is over with. The bigger issues are the legislative impact of these elections. A big thing is taxes along with healthcare and social security,” Bradley said.

Is it better for the market if a certain party is in control, or is a split government better?

“Typically, if we look at the past 50 or 100 years it doesn’t matter who is in office. The market does well as time goes on. Don’t think just one party or the other is some Armageddon event for the market. It all works out in the long run, and you should be focused on the long term, not these short blips like an election,” he said.

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