Fairfield Co. voting officials prepare for unprecedented election

Fairfield Co. voting officials prepare for unprecedented election

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) - The Fairfield County Board of Voter Registration and Elections is preparing for what could be a record-breaking election.

“I’ve been in elections for 21 years and this one is unprecedented,” said Fairfield County Board Director Debby Stidham.

It’s an election that also happens to be taking place during a global pandemic.

“Of course, we are doing the social distancing. all our poll workers are wearing masks and the Q-tips on the machines, and we have hand sanitizer for all voters going and coming.” explained Stidham.

Because of the coronavirus, mail-in ballots expected to play a large part in November’s election. So far, Fairfield County election officials say they are managing the influx of those ballots.

“We are ahead of the game, thank goodness, but it has been overwhelming,” said Stidham. “It’s more than we have ever had in our small county. Of course, we hired extra help, but we use our poll workers so they understand the process.”

When asked if voters in Fairfield County should be concerned about voting in person in this election, Stidham said voters should not worry.

“No, they should not because, like I said, we are taking all precautions for our workers and our voters,” she said.

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