Wife of officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting writes letter, empathizes with Taylor’s mother for her loss

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor(Facebook)
Updated: Sep. 23, 2020 at 3:31 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The wife of Louisville Metro Police Department officer Jon Mattingly, who was shot by Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker, while serving a search warrant posted a long letter explaining what the last 163 days since the shooting have been like for her family.

She began by talking about Taylor’s death, imagining her mother’s grief.

“As a mother, I empathize with the pain her mother feels for losing a child,” she wrote. “Her death is tragic, and that is something a mother should never have to go through.”

Mattingly’s wife described how her husband was not scheduled to work that night and how he would have bled out had other officers not applied a tourniquet. The surgery to repair his femoral artery lasted five hours and required blood transfusions because of the amount of blood lost, she said.

The letter continued as she explained having to live in hiding because of active threats and the trauma it’s caused her family, including her son.

“Since all of this happened he has experienced night terrors and so much anxiety that he becomes physically sick,” she wrote. “Our lives will never be the same and all because my husband was shot first while doing his job.”

She spoke about being in fear while waiting for the decision announcement from the Attorney General and goes on to defend her husband’s character.

“He always puts other ahead of himself and his heart is in the right place,” she wrote. “He had always wanted to be a police officer so he could help people who could not protect themselves.”

In the last part of her post, Mattingly’s wife responds to the criticism over her husband’s email to all sworn LMPD officers from the day before. In that email, Mattingly had called some protesters thugs, referring to those who have acted violently.

“Some of these social justice groups who protest have said over and over again that they do not condone violence, and they are not considered thugs,” she said. “My husband was referring to the radical groups that have taken it upon themselves to be violent. To destroy other’s properties and businesses to get a point across is not getting your point across. It is THUGGERY,” she said adding that criminal acts do nothing to promote unity within the community.

She ends the letter by stating that others have had a voice throughout the last 160 days, and that this was her chance for her voice to be head too.

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