MUSC now offering saliva testing for COVID-19

MUSC now offering saliva testing for COVID-19
MUSC is beginning saliva testing for COVID-19 (Source: Sara Pack/MUSC)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Instead of a swab up the nose, patients at MUSC can now test for COVID-19 by simply spitting in a tube.

“It’s just a lot less invasive,” Dr. Satish Nadig said. “Safer all around. It’s simple and effective.”

MUSC is planning to start the saliva testing on symptomatic patients in Charleston, followed by patients in Florence and Lancaster before expanding to other areas.

MUSC spokesman Bryce Donovan says the saliva test shows high levels of accuracy, currently above 90%.

According to Donovan, saliva testing will serve as an alternative to the nasopharyngeal test that goes deep into the nasal cavity. He says both tests take about the same time to process.

MUSC is in the process of pursuing “rapid” saliva-based testing, which is not available at this time.

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