Immunocompromised UofSC student speaks out about dangers of COVID-19 on campus

Immunocompromised UofSC student speaks out about dangers of COVID-19 on campus

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Like most college sophomores, Samantha Johnson has been to her fair share of social gatherings in the past.

“I was kind of reckless. I would sip people’s drinks. I would share stuff. I would go with people I am not usually around,” explained Johnson.

However, due to Samantha’s underlying health condition and a global pandemic, that all changed this year.

“I was born with a genetic condition called cystic fibrosis, which is a chronic lung disease that also affects all other parts of my body, and therefore, I am very immunocompromised,” said Johnson.

Cystic fibrosis makes COVID-19 exponentially more dangerous for Sam and, despite the huge changes, she has had to make for her own safety. Many of Sam’s peers are not doing the same.

Large parties and gatherings continue to take place as cases on campus continue to grow.

“You’re completely disregarding my life for a fun night out,” the sophomore added.

Because of those surging cases, Samantha and her three roommates decided to get tested for COVID-19. It was a decision that would show just how present the virus is at the school.

“We all were tested and she came back positive,” said Sam.

With Sam’s condition, her roommate decided it was best to quarantine at home.

I knew it was going to be stressful. Maybe not this stressful with my roommate contracting COVID," she said.

Now, Sam has a message for her classmates or anyone putting others at risk of contracting COVID-19.

“Take it seriously, listen to the facts, listen to the CDC, and understand that this is an issue bigger than yourself,” said Sam.

Sam did tell WIS that her roommate has served out her 14-day quarantine at home and returned to campus Thursday.

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