Muschamp updates latest COVID-19 testing numbers for Gamecocks

Muschamp updates latest COVID-19 testing numbers for Gamecocks
South Carolina head football coach Will Muschamp addresses his team. (Source: South Carolina Athletics)

COLUMBIA, S.C. ( - More COVID-19 tests were administered to the South Carolina Gamecocks football team on Wednesday.

Those results weren’t in by the time Will Muschamp met with reporters for a Zoom interview, but the previous batch revealed one positive. Muschamp noted it was out of close to 300 total tests, when the team reported for camp on Aug. 17.

“That was throughout the entire building,” he said.

Earlier this month, Muschamp told reporters their percent positive rate for all Covid-19 tests was below five percent. South Carolina will continue to test once a week until game week, then increase to three times per week, in order to remain in compliance with SEC rules.

Muschamp believes the team’s leadership group has done a good job of making sure all players are doing what’s been asked of them by the coaching staff.

“We always talk about ownership in our organization,” Muschamp said. “The really good teams that I’ve been a part of, the coaches were just stewards of the ship and we just guided where we were going.

“Really, the players controlled the discipline. They controlled the team and I that’s what I’ve seen from a lot of these guys, especially the older guys, making sure the younger guys (are staying in line).”

Muschamp added, “Guys have to make great decisions right now and they need to understand the impact of their decision could be very detrimental to a senior, someone who’s been in our program for a long time, then one poor decision leads to someone being in quarantine for two weeks, which is a long time in football.”

South Carolina’s players are unable to enter a bubble, like the one for the NBA in Orlando, but Muschamp’s encouraging his guys to have that mentality.

“You need to be at your 650 Lincoln only around people you know, not around any strangers, no exposure to the unknown,” Muschamp said. “You need to be in our building. We’re feeding you all of the food. … And we continue to say, ‘Lead a very boring life.’

“That is what we refer to as the bubble. If you’re not putting yourself with exposure to the unknown, we feel like we can be pretty successful battling this virus.”

Muschamp is scheduled to speak with reporters again on Saturday, after the team’s stadium scrimmage.

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