After three weeks in the hospital, 97-year-old Rosa Lee Tyson beats COVID-19

Updated: Aug. 5, 2020 at 4:28 PM EDT
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SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) - A Rowan County man was determined to see his 97-year-old mother get better after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Daniel Haddock says his mother spent three weeks in the hospital, but is now at home with him, and getting better each day.

Haddock says he never gave up hope that his mother would recover, and she proved that his hope in her was well-founded.

“You want to tell him how you feel?” Haddock asked his mother. “I feel good,” Rosa Lee Tyson replied.

The fact that Rosa Lee feels good right now is nothing short of a miracle, according to her son Daniel.

“I couldn’t even hardly tell my fiancé how happy I was…she had beat the virus and she was coming here,” Haddock said.

Getting to this point was a long road. Rosa Lee first showed symptoms in June. Some family members weren’t convinced she needed a COVID-19 test.

“Ain’t nothing but a bug,” Daniel shared what one family member said, “nobody gonna catch this stuff, they pulling everybody’s leg trying to get them scared.”

But Rosa Lee did test positive. Placed in a hospital near her home in eastern North Carolina, Daniel says she was treated, then released too early.

“She won’t eat, she ain’t paying attention, she’s not responsive,” Haddock said. He arranged for his mother to come to Novant Health in Rowan County.

“She was real weak, they started to give her the fluid up there, and I could see her coming back because she was so dehydrated,” Haddock said.

She stayed for three weeks and gradually stated getting better.

“Older people, right, when you desert them that way, they figure that, hey, my time is up,” Haddock said. “They give up. But she never gave up.”

Daniel’s constant attention to hi mother made a big difference.

“She took care of us for all of our lives, right, and now it’s time for us to take care of her,” Haddock said.

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