Protesters march down Main Street, organizer calls for ‘revolution’

Protesters march down Main Street, organizer calls for ‘revolution’

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Friday evening, roughly 30 protesters marched down Main Street to protest a variety of social justice issues.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation organized the march, titled "People's Assembly: Stop the War on Black America!"

Organizer Kym Smith said there needs to be a "revolution" over the failings of capitalism.

"This is a struggle for liberation, and there will be no liberation under capitalism. Socialism is the only key to liberation. Under capitalism, it's impossible. It's impossible to have freedom, it's impossible to have equal rights," she said.

She cited the issues of law enforcement’s use of force on minorities, eviction rates, incarceration, and the environment among other issues.

"We had a revolution here during reconstruction, we had a revolution, and we can have one again," Smith said.

Smith called for the defunding of law enforcement and the military and said the funding should be put toward other issues.

“Defund, take money, keep taking money, take as much money, take all the money from Columbia Police Department, and the military and put it to where it’s needed. Which it’s needed, education, we still have a Corridor of Shame, housing, house everybody, we have homeless people right here,” she said.

The protest began at the intersection of Laurel and Main streets and ended at the State Capitol.

Protesters read demands and gave speeches in front of the capitol.

WIS's crew on scene did not see any interactions with law enforcement and the protest was peaceful

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