Families celebrate new homes in Lexington with ribbon cutting

Families celebrate new homes in Lexington with riboon cutting

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - Two families are celebrating their new homes on Tuesday.

With the help of Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity, the two families worked on building the two homes.

Wakeelah Truesdale and Soshonna Monroe initially met while working on previous volunteer projects a year ago. They had no idea their homes would be right next to each other. Now, the two moms are excited about the stability of having these homes will provide for their children.

“It is definitely a peace of mind,” said Monroe. “Excited because now my children have a place to forever call home. We never have to worry about going from apartment to apartment, or being evicted, or being homeless. They will always have a home. That’s a complete moment of just sheer peace.”

The families began working on the homes in March before the pandemic happened. Organizers reduced the size of the workforce to ensure social distancing. However, construction on both homes was suspended in late March. Still, the crews were able to get both homes completed.

“It means that I’ll be able to show my son and any following children that this is what you work for,” Truesdale said. “Work for owning your own. It’s absolutely fine to enjoy the luxury of renting whenever that’s convenient for you. But there should be some point where you should set a goal for yourself to reach a little higher. To go a little further. Be your own competition and do better than you did.”

Habitat for Humanity has built more than 200 homes since 1985. Typically, the application and assessment program through Habitat for Humanity usually takes two years.

For more information about Central South Carolina Habitat for Humanity, visit this link.

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