Department of Transportation: Hole in Lexington bridge due to wear and tear

Department of Transportation: Hole in Lexington bridge due to wear and tear

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - There is a bump in the road, or rather a hole in a bridge, for Lexington commuters.

Monday, the State Department of Transportation closed the Gibson Road bridge due to eroding concrete above and the below the bridge.

It's expected the closure will last for two weeks.

Currently, only residents of Gibson Road are allowed to drive on the road.

DOT Lexington County Maintenance Engineer Mike Bagley described the bridge damage as "see-through."

He said cars were at risk of damage, but would not have fallen through. He attributed the damage to the vibrations caused by heavy traffic and the water flowing underneath.

He said crews are now working to cut out the weaker portions of the bridge, and replace them with stronger material. The Lexington Police Department said drivers should expect more cars on Roberts Street and Chruch Street as a result of the bridge closure.

Gibson Road resident Patrick Montgomery said erosion is a regular issue at his home, and he suspects the failure of the nearby Old Mill Pond Dam played a role.

"We moved here for peace and tranquility, then the dam exploded and we've had construction ever since," Montgomery said.

Bagley said that it is possible that the flooding impacted the bridge. He said the DOT last inspected the bridge in Oct. 2018, and is scheduled to do so again in Oct. 2020.

He said the DOT has worked on the bridge, patching various potholes recently.

Neighbor Landis Lawton said it's that patchwork which failed.

“My background being in the Marine Corps, I’m used to when we fix things we fix them. You don’t put a patch on them. When I walk down there and looked at that bridge, you can see where they patched it, and that patch is now giving way making it very unsafe for people driving through the area,” he said. The Lexington Police Department said there have been no reports of damaged cars as a result of the concrete crumbling.

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