Graham campaign shifts focus to November showdown with Harrison after GOP Primary win

Graham campaign shifts focus to November showdown with Harrison after GOP Primary win

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Senator Lindsey Graham and his team said they will celebrate Tuesday's primary victory for a little bit and then get right back to work for the November election.

Tuesday evening, the Associated Press called the GOP Senate primary race for the incumbent less than an hour after polls closed.

Sen. Graham released a message on his social media accounts after his primary victory.

He said, “We’re going to have a real contest in the fall. How do you say safe and prosperous? That’s the big issue. There is going to be a real difference in opinion on how to do that.”

We were able to speak with the other candidates who fell short in their upset bids. All three men congratulated the Senator on his primary win.

Duke Buckner shared this statement via text:

“I want to thank everyone who exercised their civic duty and voted. I also want to thank all of my supporters who believed in the message that it’s Time for the Righteous to Govern! I want to congratulate Senator Graham on his victory tonight and encourage all Republicans across the state to unite and speak with a loud voice that South Carolina’s conservative values and beliefs will prevail in November.”

Michael LaPierre who appears will finish second in the race sent this statement via email:

“Team LaPierre wants to congratulate Senator Lindsey Graham for winning the South Carolina Senate primary race with a sweeping victory. While disappointed in the results, we were honored to participate in a race for one of the highest offices in the land. Our team will pray that conservative values, virtue, and a focus on the free exercise of one’s faith will continue to have a place of prominence in South Carolina politics. Moving forward, we will work tirelessly to help shape the narrative toward a more conservative political orientation. God bless the people of South Carolina!”

Joe Reynolds said via a phone interview Tuesday evening, "No complaints it was one of the best things I've done in my life. The team i had was terrific. I'll always look back on it with pride."

Communications Director for Team Graham T.W. Arrighi said hundreds of volunteers across the state helped Sen. Graham secure the nomination, "We'll keep sprinting. Senator Graham also believes we sprint through the tape in every race you run. We'll enjoy this for 24 hours and go on to the general."

Democratic Candidate Jaime Harrison said in a statement:

Lindsey is in for a tough fight, and he knows it. That is why he is calling in every special interest he can think of to boost his chances of slowing down our campaign. The momentum is on the side of our growing, grassroots movement to bring hope back to South Carolina, and the birth of the New South is taking place in this state right before our eyes. I am excited for the work ahead, and this campaign is ready to make history.”

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