Where do I vote? Your polling place may have been temporarily moved

Where do I vote? Your polling place may have been temporarily moved
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - With Tuesday’s primary just hours away, you may be wondering where you can cast your ballot.

Many polling places in the Midlands may not be familiar to some voters. That’s because some precincts have combined for Tuesday’s state primary.

“There’s two main reasons,” said Chris Whitmire of the South Carolina Elections Commission. “One is the facility said you can’t use our place or it doesn’t make sense to use the facility. Greenwood normally has a polling place -- a couple of senior living facilities. That just doesn’t make sense with COVID-19 to bring people into a senior living place. Some places have said you can’t use our place and others are a poll manager shortage, which have resulted in a polling place consolidation. Some of them are moves. Some of them are consolidations.”

The SC Elections Commission has provided a list of polling place changes throughout the state as of 11 a.m. Monday, which can be seen below. However, officials are encouraging voters to check the SCVotes website for the most current information regarding their respective polling places on Tuesday.

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