Bertha brings heavy rain, winds to Grand Strand; flooding seen in parts of the Pee Dee

Bertha brings heavy rain, winds to Grand Strand; flooding seen in parts of the Pee Dee
Recent rainfall causes flooding along Lynches River

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – The Grand Strand and the Pee Dee got an early start to the 2020 hurricane season thanks to Tropical Storm Bertha.

The storm made landfall Wednesday morning near Mt. Pleasant.

In Georgetown, heavy winds and rain were seen throughout the morning.

Up in the Pee Dee, heavy rain began flooding roads in the community of Coward in Florence County, near the Lynches River County Park.

County trucks came by Wednesday morning to evaluate the roads surrounding the river.

Florence County Emergency Management Division Director Dusty Owens said they worked with the Department of Transportation to place barriers on flooded roads.

Owens said due to the flooding, roughly 15 homes were cut off and can only be accessed by boat.

He said they had seen water levels drop on the river in recent days, but they expect that to change following the storm.

“We crested at Lynches River at 16.9 yesterday at 11 a.m. however with the current tropical storm that is dropping water on us, I anticipate that it is not going down," said Owens.

Owens said the runoff from the river and flooding could cause drainage issues as it moves into metropolitan areas.

The area around Johnnie Lee Road in Coward was seeing substantial flooding late Wednesday morning.

Wanda Locklair, has lived across from the Lynches River for almost 30 years and she said while flooding is common, she wasn’t expecting her yard to be underwater on Wednesday morning.

Locklair said she’s had water get into the house due to flooding, but today she was lucky.

As for water blocking the roads, she said she’s had to deal with it before.

“We’ve done that before, we’ve been stuck out. We’ve had the National Guard out here before to keep people out. But a lot of roads, they close them off because the water gets so high. People around here are crazy so they disregard it. I’m just ready for it to all go down and be over with,” said Locklair.

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