Poll finds majority of SC residents worried about coronavirus but split over state response

Poll finds majority of SC residents worried about coronavirus but split over state response

CLEMSON, S.C. (WIS) - The vast majority of South Carolinians are worried about the coronavirus outbreak, but certain groups are more concerned than others.

According to a recent Clemson University Palmetto Poll, 75 percent of South Carolinians are either extremely or moderately worried about COVID-19.

However, that number goes up 18 percentage points to 93 percent when pollsters looked at just the responses from African Americans in our state.

About 68 percent of African Americans said they are extremely concerned, while only 1.5 percent said they are not at all concerned.

Looking at responses from Caucasians, 28 percent in S.C. said they are extremely concerned and 9 percent said they aren’t concerned at all.

This poll was conducted from April 21 to 29 and included 1,030 responses, which the researchers say were submitted online. But they add the data was weighted to be representative of the state’s population.

The poll also found more than half of South Carolinians aren’t satisfied with the state government’s response -- 51.2 percent are dissatisfied and 43.5 percent are satisfied.

There was a partisan split in the responses to this question.

About 79 percent of Democrats said they are dissatisfied with the state’s response. South Carolina is led by a Republican governor, and about 29.5 percent of Republicans in the state said they are dissatisfied, compared to 63 percent who are satisfied.

The gap in the two parties was even wider when asked about the federal government’s response. About 91 percent of Democrats are dissatisfied with the national response while only 24 percent of Republicans said they are dissatisfied and 68 percent said they are satisfied.

This partisan divide was also apparent when people were asked if they were more concerned about the economy or public health.

About 72 percent of Republicans are mostly worried about the economy, while 85 percent of Democrats are mostly worried about health.

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