Midlands Gives launches new virtual headquarters, lowers minimum donation amid pandemic

Challenge eclipses $3M in donations to pass last year’s record

Midlands Gives launches new virtual headquarters, lowers minimum donation amid pandemic

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Midlands Gives has received more than $3 million in donations.

Officials said there have more than 22,400 gifts donated Tuesday to charitable organizations and nonprofits.

The seventh annual Midlands Gives challenge kicked off at 6 a.m. and goes until midnight, Wednesday, May 6 but the challenge will look a lot different this year because of the pandemic.

Normally, several of the participating nonprofits are up and at it in the early morning hours, gathered in one location for a sort of pep rally to cheer on this day of giving. This year, organizers have established a new virtual headquarters where you can still join in on the experience as the event is livestreamed.

Midlands Gives was launched in 2014 by the Central Carolina Community Foundation (CCCF) to help support local nonprofits that provide fundamental resources throughout the community. The virtual headquarters and livestream can be found on the CCCF’s Facebook page.

The 18-hour long challenge is designed to be a simple and easy way to give back. Since its inception, Midlands Gives has raised more than $9.3 million.

This year, more than 400 local nonprofits are on the list accepting donations. Organizers say this is a critical time to give. Many nonprofit resources are strained even more than usual because of COVID-19.

Each year, the minimum donation is usually $20. This year, it’s $10.

This year, there will be nearly $160,000 in prize incentives. Multiple organizations known as Corporate Philanthropy Champions will match donations. This includes big-time Midlands Gives donor, Dominion Energy. The Electric Operations president, Kellar Kissam, joined WIS TODAY, Monday morning, to share why it’s always important to give and especially this year.

“We just want to be a part of our community and support our community. When our folks are out in the field, they see a lot of our neighbors who are in need and they bring that back to us, and some of our employees that are out there on the frontlines, are our primary contacts for who we need to help, how we need to help them and to the extent that we need to help them. When we get involved with Midlands Gives, it’s a great way for us to give back to the communities that we serve,” said Kissam.

This year, organizers have also added the special “Support Supporters” prize where donors can get creative and design either a front window, porch or sidewalk demonstrating your reason for giving. Participants can then take a picture and share their designs online using hashtags #MidlandsGives or #Support Supporters. The Midlands Gives team will select four winners, who can then choose a nonprofit to receive $250.

To donate, visit: www.midlandsgives.org/

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