Clemson announces new grading policy for spring semester due to COVID-19

Clemson announces new grading policy for spring semester due to COVID-19
Clemson University (Source: AP)

CLEMSON, S.C. (WIS) - Clemson University has announced a new grading policy for the spring semester amid the COVID-19 crisis.

In a letter sent to students, instructors, and academic support staff by Bob Jones, the executive vice president for academic affairs and provost for Clemson University, students will receive one of three grade classifications based on their performance in a class.

  • Pass - Undergraduate students will earn an A, B, or C while graduate students will earn grades of A through C- under this classification.
  • Special Pass - This classification is only available through undergraduate students with a grade of D. Students will receive credit but the grade will not affect the student’s grade point average. These classes are usually not accepted as transfer credits and are not eligible for academic forgiveness.
  • No Grade - This classification is available to undergraduate students with grades of D or F and graduate students with a grade of F. The student will receive no course credit and the grade will not impact the student’s grade point average. The class is also not eligible for undergraduate academic forgiveness.

“The new approach provides students the flexibility to choose a final grade option that best meets their academic and career goals, while preserving the integrity of the University’s grading system,” Jones said in the letter.

When the semester is over, the students will have the option to convert their traditional letter grade to one of the previously mentioned grade classifications.

Students will also have the opportunity to withdraw from courses if they choose. The course withdrawal deadline at Clemson has now been extended until April 17.

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