WATCH: Goats take over Welsh city while people are on lockdown

The critters are on the lam

LLANDUDNO, Wales (CNN/Gray News) – While people are staying home in Wales during the pandemic, wild goats are taking over.

Local folks in the coastal town west of Liverpool are finding the critters pretty much everywhere, in gardens, backyards and the strolling along Llandudno’s empty streets.

The goats normally live on the hill overlooking the town and very rarely venture into the community of about 15,000.

The original pair of goats were a gift from the Shah of Persia to Queen Victoria in the 19th century. She had them put on the Great Orme, a massive limestone rock, in Llandudno.

Since 1837, the goats have lived and bred on the hill. They now number about 180.

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