Should a stay-at-home mandate be issued across S.C.?

Should a Stay-At-Home mandate be issued across S.C.?

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - While Gov. Henry McMaster has issued an executive order that prohibits the unlawful gathering of three or more people, some are saying it’s not enough to thoroughly stop the spread of COVID-19 in South Carolina.

Political hopeful Rhodes Bailey released a four-page statement Tuesday afternoon, urging the governor to take things a step further, an issue a 30-day stay-home order for South Carolinians.

“The governor says that he wants to disperse crowds of three or more people, so he’s taken some steps here and there, and I commend him,” Bailey said. “But we’ve got to go all the way. We can’t do this halfheartedly. We’ve got to make that sacrifice now. We’ve got to rip the Band-Aid off now.”

Bailey says he knows that a mandate for South Carolinians to stay at home for 30 days would cause economic turmoil, but believes the risk of COVID-19 spreading rapidly in our state will make for a much more bleak future.

“Life is going to look tough regardless, the question is, how bad is it going to look for us?” Bailey said. “I think that if we put the lockdown now, we can control variables, and we can see the damage. If we halt right now, and we begin a Stay-Home policy, then we’ll be able to take a breath and survey the damage. But if not, the damage is just going to keep coming, and the injuries are just going to keep coming, and we’re not going to know the damage until we’ve already bled to death.”


The governor addressed potential stay-at-home measures at his COVID-19 update on Monday.

“We’re not ruling anything in, except those we’ve already ruled in, and we’re not ruling anything out. That includes, as been asked by many, shelter-in-place. Which is a Stay Home, shelter-in-place order we have not issued. That is a drastic action, and we all hope that that will not be necessary,” McMaster said.

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