Clarendon County animal shelter closes to the public, nearly 100 animals still in need of care

Clarendon County animal shelter closes to the public, nearly 100 animals still in need of care

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A Second Chance Animal Shelter in Clarendon County is now closed to the public in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Also, letters were sent out to community members notifying them that the shelter is no longer accepting dogs, except in the case of an emergency.

The nonprofit animal shelter located in Manning is currently caring for about 55 dogs and 30 cats.

About a week ago, staff members were notified that the doctor who performs the spay and neuter procedures on site, may have been exposed to coronavirus. Now, all spay and neuter surgeries have been put on hold. The same goes for owner surrenders and adoptions.

Cherie Lynn McDonald is the director of shelter operations. She says, “We do spay and neuters for the community and that is part of our income that helps sustain us monetarily. We totally rely on public funding and without a lot of these – without the adoptions, without the spays and neuters – we don’t have an income coming in.”

The animal shelter also helps to maintain the county animal control facility, which sits on the same property.

This means dogs will no longer be accepted at either the Clarendon County animal shelter or animal control unless county officials consider the situation to be an emergency.

Shelter staff members are concerned about how they will continue to look after the animals in their care. With many of the services they depend on for finances on hold, maintaining the everyday needs at the animal shelter is only getting harder.

“We have the animals to feed. Their cages need to be cleaned out and hosed down, and even now, we’re not doing spay and neuters anymore. We have to take them to the vet, which cost us a lot more. We still have bills to pay. We still have payroll to pay and supplies to purchase. It’s an ongoing – the business doesn’t stop, but unfortunately, we’re just like every other small business that everybody’s talking about. We’re all in the same boat. We have no money coming in,” said McDonald.

The shelter is accepting donations and is in great need of cleaning supplies.

For those interested in helping the shelter during this difficult time, donations can be made:

Donations can also be mailed to:

5079 Alex Garvin Hwy.

PO Box 607

Manning, SC 29102

Non-monetary donations can be arranged for drop off by calling the shelter for time and place.

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