Tips on ways to effectively sanitize your homes amid the coronavirus pandemic

Tips on ways to effectively sanitize your homes amid the coronavirus pandemic

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A Midlands company, which typically only offers its cleaning services to local businesses, is having to make some changes with the coronavirus pandemic underway.

JAN-PRO in Columbia doesn’t normally offer their services to the general public but with some of the offices they clean now closed and some residents unable to access everyday disinfectants at the store, JAN-PRO is temporarily changing its business model.

The director of business operations, Daphne Freeman, says the company has recently started getting calls from the public asking for cleaning products.

JAN-PRO reached out to its supplier to make sure there would be no shortage of products, and then agreed to begin selling to everyday consumers.

No matter where you purchase cleaning supplies, Freeman says, “It needs to be a hospital-grade disinfectant. That way, you are ensured that the quality of product is there and it is going to kill just about everything there is to kill that’s not good for us as humans. A lot of people want to get bleach and think that bleach is going to kill it but bleach does so much harm to not only people, but to the surfaces that it touches.”

With students at home, and many people now working from home, a lot of people are more determined than ever to give their homes some sort of deep cleaning.

As we all work to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, that cleaning may be needed on a more regular basis.

“Right now, I would recommend about every day, because when we leave our house we don’t know what we’re bringing back in. So you want to – when you return to your home, let’s follow the safety precautions. Change your clothes, wash your hands, then wipe down all of your surfaces so that you know that you have killed anything that you’ve brought in. All door handles, light switches – those are things that everyone touches. So, you want to make sure that on a consistent basis someone is wiping those areas down,” said Freeman.

If someone in the home is sick, Freeman adds that you may want to consider disinfecting even more regularly throughout the day.

For more information on JAN-PRO, click here.

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