Richland Two, Lexington One roll out remote learning program

Updated: Mar. 18, 2020 at 4:10 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - School districts statewide have begun to implement the remote learning experience.

Everyone's home life situation varies. With that in mind, the mission remains to provide an equitable learning environment for all children. Both Richland Two and Lexington One have implemented similar measures to ensure that happens. K-5 students within the two districts mentioned will learn from packets. Grades 6-12 have access to technology devices, which have been distributed.

"The decision was made that we typically don't send Chromebooks at home with kindergarteners and first-graders," said Richland School District Two Superintendent Dr. Baron Davis. "So, we didn't want to put that extra burden on our parents. Our 6-12 students will receive their information online and interacting with their teachers online."

Wednesday at Windsor Elementary in Richland Two, parents picked up packets for their children. They’re also available online or can be delivered as needed in both Lexington One and Richland Two. The content and subject matter is uniform for each grade and district to maintain consistency and ensure no child is left behind.

"I feel like they were very on key and on point," said Angela Logan, a mother of three in Richland Two. "The school district definitely got it faster than I thought they would. So, I definitely like that."

Dr. Davis added. “It’s truly a team effort statewide.”

“We’re going to have to adjust to the disruption,” Lexington One Instructional Technology Director Howard Bissell said. “We’re going to have to bathe in ambiguity. There are going to be situations that come up on a daily basis that we will have to react to, so we can maintain consistency and support for all our kids.”

While consistency in academic growth matters, so too does the social-emotional growth of the students. Lexington One has more than 26,000 children within its district and 30 schools. Family situations vary. And, to ensure each student stays on the same academic track, the district will work tirelessly to help families address any problems that arise with this transition.

"The assignments and engagements we're providing are grade-level specific," said Bissell of the elementary school packets. "They're cross-content orientated. So, the students are getting a well-rounded experience and instructional engagement through those materials."

Lexington One will make accommodations for families, which include pick-up lines for packets at schools and home deliveries as needed.

“Our motto is ‘All Means All,'” added Bissell. “We’re doing everything we can to focus on the needs of all of our students. And, we’re doing it through a tremendous effort that’s taking place at our schools, especially with our teachers and building-level administrators.”

Since early fall, Lexington One planned to implement e-learning days for inclement weather situations next year. They went from around five months of preparation to feel good about five days doing this to all of a sudden, a quick shift in scope.

"Very blessed to be part of a district to be as forward-thinking as we are," Bissell said. "When the call came, and disruption occurred, everybody jumped into leadership mode, and we got it taken care of our kids."

Bissell outlined the mission simply. He's optimistic they can provide consistency in an educational experience within each grade.

They’ll be flexible and ready to adjust to individual family needs to support all students.

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