Easy workout moves to shake the winter blues

Easy workout moves to shake the winter blues

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Winter is finally beginning to melt away and with the warmth of spring comes the motivation to get outside and exercise!

Luckily, Michael Williams, the General Manager for Workout Anytime in West Columbia has 3 easy moves he says can be modified for anyone, at any level, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Move #1: Mountain Climbers

Michael says the biggest mistake he sees people make with this move is going to fast too soon.

“The mountain climber is a cardio exercise...it has a little bit of core involved as well, so it’s definitely designed to get the heart rate up. If you’re just getting started, don’t go too fast - sometimes it’s just a basic move.”

Move #2: Power sit-ups with a medicine ball

This move with make you sweat and work your core! Without a medicine ball this move can just be done as a normal sit up, but with the ball, lay flat on the ground, crunch up and throw the ball against the wall, catch it and repeat.

Move #3: Jump squats

Jump squats are a great way to engage your whole body in a workout depending on your fitness level. Start in a deep squat and begin by lifting your feet off the ground in a small jump if able. For those who have back issue, simply take the squat up and down to lessen impact. For those looking to get an extra burn, power through your arms and legs to get your jumps higher.

If you have a favorite workout move for spring, let us know in our WIS Facebook inbox!

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