Mother, son injured after car crashes into Summerville home

A Summerville family is recovering from a traumatic experience after a car crashed into their...
A Summerville family is recovering from a traumatic experience after a car crashed into their home killing their cat.(Provided)
Updated: Mar. 4, 2020 at 4:41 PM EST
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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - A Summerville family is recovering after they say a car crashed into their home killing their cat and entering the room where a child was playing video games.

Highway Patrol says the crash happened on Wade Court in Summerville last Tuesday afternoon in the Sangaree subdivision. According to troopers, the driver is not facing any charges.

Authorities say he was traveling on Longstreet Street off of 17-A. According to a report, troopers say the driver told the responding trooper that his accelerator got stuck and he lost control. He ran off the road and struck a home on Wade Court, authorities say.

Now, the house is boarded up and the family is not sure when or if they will be able to return. They’re currently staying at a hotel.

The woman who lives there, Tammy Moore, says the driver crashed into the room where her 10-year-old son, Eagle, was sitting on the bed playing video games.

“I didn’t know what had happened,” Tammy said. “I thought it was a tornado. I had no idea there was a car in my bedroom.”

She say it’s a miracle her son is alive. In a photo, the bed is sitting on it’s side after the crash.

“I heard a loud bang," Eagle said."I went black for moment and then about five seconds later I could move again, and then I saw there was a car in my house."

Eagle and Tammy say their first instincts were to get to each other, since they were in different rooms. However, their paths were blocked by glass and debris. They couldn't immediately reach each other.

“I was crying and screaming,'My baby, somebody get my baby!' and I was calling him because I didn’t know if he was alive or dead,” Tammy said.

Eagle says he jumped on the car to get out the house. He then heard screams and responded.

“I banged on the glass to the door to try to get my ma out, but the door wouldn’t open,” Eagle said.

They say neighbors stepped in to help and eventually Tammy got out through the garage once she knew Eagle was safe.

She says her case of collectibles and other items fell on her after the impact. They both went to the hospital with injuries including cuts, bruises and reoccurring headaches, but they both walked away from incident.

Tammy Moore and Eagle and their home in the background.
Tammy Moore and Eagle and their home in the background.(Live 5 News)

"How this child is alive right here, I will never know," Tammy said. "The Lord above is the only way he survived that the only way."

However, their 11-year-old cat didn’t make it out alive.

"He was part of the family, he was my child, he might have been furry and four legged but he was my child too," Tammy said.

The spokesperson for Highway Patrol says because the trooper did not suspect other factors contributed to crash such as human error, drugs or alcohol they didn't test for it.

Live 5 News asked Highway Patrol if they were investigating the incident. They’re response is the case is closed.

“I don’t understand. I feel like like there should be more investigation done on this, none of this makes any sense,” Tammy said.

Tammy says their home owner's insurance company is expecting to provide them with a rental home for at least six months until they can determine if their house is repairable.

The family has not been able to gather any belongings because they say the house is deemed unsafe.

The TV, Eagle's Play Station 4 and several other items were destroyed in the crash.

“​He was a miracle here in the first place because both my husband and I weren’t supposed to have anymore children we were told by doctors that we never would,” Tammy said. “I was 41 and my husband was 50, and a couple months after we got married we figured out we were pregnant.”

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