Man caught on Ring doorbell camera peeing on Columbia man’s front porch

Updated: Feb. 29, 2020 at 1:13 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A North Columbia man is asking for help identifying a man caught using his front porch as a bathroom earlier this week.

Chris Slick said he installed a Ring doorbell camera several weeks ago after coming home to find beer bottles and a knife sitting on his porch.

“I saw a man walk into the corner of what I knew to be my patio and I thought that was quite odd until I then saw him relieve himself peeing on the porch,” he said. “It was kind of nasty.”

Slick said he enjoys most evenings sitting on his porch and was left speechless when he watched the Ring video from work.

“I thought, ‘That pervert just peed on my porch!’ It was so surreal,” he said. “Am I getting pranked here? No, it happened.”

Slick said a bottle of bleach and some elbow grease took care of the problem, but he has a message for the perpetrator.

“You’re kind of nasty,” he said. “Don’t pee on people’s porches again and you owe me a bottle of bleach.”

Slick said Amazon delivery drivers often confuse his front door for that of a lobby or front entrance but doesn’t understand why the man in the video walked around the fence and two bushes to urinate in the corner of his porch.

“I didn’t expect anything to be happening on the porch or patio when I wasn’t there,” Slick said. “So to know that it was, was disturbing and then to see how nasty it was, was pretty eye-opening, to say the least,” Slick said.

Slick added he plans to file a police report. He said, in his effort to identify the man, he doesn’t want to get him in any trouble but hopes the unwanted attention serves as a deterrent.

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