WWII veteran gets Purple Heart after 75 years

BOSTON (WBZ/CNN) - A Massachusetts veteran now has a Purple Heart 75 years after getting injured in action.

Louis San Miguel is a survivor of World War II and now has a medal to show it.

It has been about 75 years since Louis San Miguel was hit in the shoulder by shrapnel while fighting with the United States Army in Europe.

San Miguel made several attempts over the years to get his Purple Heart. His service records were destroyed in a fire, but the family never gave up and on Saturday, San Miguel finally received his honor.

“I’m just overwhelmed. People are so wonderful and I hope all other veterans feel the same as I do right now,” he said. “I was so proud to serve our country.”

His wife of 67 years and the rest of his family were there to watch him receive his Purple Heart.

“Ever since I’ve been young and a small child, he’s talked about the fact that he would love to get the Purple Heart,” Loretta LaCentra, San Miguel’s daughter, said.

His other daughter Lois Kraus says that she is “so proud of him” and that “he deserves it.”

Over the years, San Miguel has remained incredibly active and still works at 95 years old as a cashier. While he is reveling his Purple Heart honor, he says he does not plan on relaxing for too long and plans to keep working his shifts at Stop & Shop.

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