Worried Democrats rush to slow front-runner Sanders before SC primary

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (AP) — With new urgency, Democrats are intensifying their political assault against their party’s presidential front-runner, Bernie Sanders. At the same time, the Vermont senator is looking for a strong performance — perhaps even a knockout blow — in South Carolina’s weekend primary.

At least three Democratic candidates, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg, have reinforced their anti-Sanders rhetoric with paid attack ads.

The multi-pronged attack reflects growing concern within Sanders’ party that the self-described democratic socialist is tightening his grip on the nomination but is too extreme to defeat President Donald Trump this fall.

Biden predicts SC win as Democrats grapple with Sanders

Biden is predicting victory in South Carolina as he and other Democrats fight to loosen front-runner Bernie Sanders’ grip on their party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Biden said Monday that he would win “by plenty” in a South Carolina primary this weekend. The comments come amid growing concern among establishment-minded Democrats who fear the prospect of a Sanders nomination.

The self-described democratic socialist scored a commanding win in Nevada over the weekend, giving him two consecutive victories after a tie for first in Iowa.

And sensing the prospect of a knock-out punch in South Carolina this weekend, Sanders is ramping up his outreach in the state where Biden has long been the heavy favorite.

Generational split among black voters could hurt Biden

Older African Americans are imparting their knowledge on the generations that followed them on what it took to secure the right to vote in South Carolina.

But with a Democratic presidential primary just days away, neither the college students absorbing the wisdom nor the elders teaching the history have a consensus choice.

While some people are casting their lot with Biden, some older African Americans aren’t unanimous in their support.

College-age students seem to be inclined to fall in behind Sanders, but it’s not quite unanimous.

The generational split among black voters in South Carolina parallels the divide seen among whites and Latinos in early contests, with Sanders polling stronger among younger voters.

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