Neighbors heartbroken, shocked by new revelations in homicide case of 6-year-old Faye Swetlik

Police have linked Faye’s homicide to the death of a 30-year-old neighbor.
Updated: Feb. 14, 2020 at 9:27 PM EST
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CAYCE, S.C. (WIS) - Neighbors said everyone who lives in the Churchill Heights neighborhood where Faye Swetlik lived, and was later found dead, is heartbroken and scared right now.

One neighbor who lives one street over from where the 6-year-old lived with her mom said there’s an eerie feeling surrounding them.

Thursday morning, investigators were going through all the trash in the neighborhood as it was picked up by the city. That’s when they found a critical piece of evidence in 30-year-old Coty Taylor’s trash that led them back to his home.

At that point, they found Faye’s body in the wooded area between the duplexes and the Napa Auto Parts, and found Taylor’s body at his home shortly after.

Authorities said Taylor lived at 602 Picadilly Square, just a few hundred feet from Faye’s home.

Police stressed this week that a big focus of their investigation was speaking with neighbors. They said they had interviewed Taylor earlier in the week and had even been inside of his home.

A neighbor who spoke to WIS said she didn’t know Taylor, but she can’t help but wonder exactly what happened. She said it’s been extremely difficult on the parents in the neighborhood who have little kids of their own who play in their front yards.

She also said on Monday night, when Faye disappeared, she and her 12-year-old son were out with a flashlight, desperate to help find her. And this ending doesn’t leave anyone feeling easy.

“It’s heartbreaking and it’s scary because even though they said we aren’t in any danger, you can’t feel safe right now," she said. “I have a 12-year-old that’s scared to be outside. He was scared to go to his bedroom last night.”

Dozens of people have been coming by the front of the neighborhood, leaving flowers, balloons and pictures as a memorial to Faye.

A few mothers and grandmothers said it’s a parent’s worst nightmare and they are heartbroken for Faye and her family.

Police don’t expect to release any new information until they shore up their investigation.

Autopsies for Faye and Taylor are scheduled for Saturday.

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