Friend of Faye Swetlik’s mother asks for public to stop spreading rumors

Friend of Faye Swetlik’s mother asks for public to stop spreading rumors

CAYCE, S.C. (WIS) - The memorial for 6-year-old Faye Swetlik outside of the Churchill Heights neighborhood more than doubled throughout the day Friday.

Many people left flowers or balloons, some just stopped by to pray and think about Faye.

The little girl disappeared from her front yard Monday as she was playing after school. After days of searching, police found her body Thursday morning, not far from where she was last seen.

Her death is considered a homicide.

Jenee Scott, who says she knows Faye’s mother, is having a hard time dealing with what she has heard from authorities this week.

She says she can’t believe that something like this could happen, especially to this family.

Scott says she has seen a lot of awful rumors and speculation on social media and asks that everyone give the family space to go through the grieving process.

“Everybody respect the family’s privacy as they work through this and sort everything out,” Scott said. “Just be sure to disregard any false information that’s not coming from the police department directly.”


Scott says she has seen Faye multiple times, when her mom would pick her up from school.

She described her as a bright little girl who is dearly missed.

“She’s got the sweetest, most infectious smile and she’s just so jolly and giggly and very, very happy,” Scott said. “She was a very sweet little girl.”

This tragedy has affected people all over and everyone is just trying to cope with this loss.

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