Active weather causes damage across the Midlands

Active weather causes damage across the Midlands

(WIS) - All around the Midlands people are picking up the pieces of their properties after an active 24 hours of weather.

On Platt Springs Road in Springdale, part of the roof was ripped off of an Exxon gas station. The frame exposed after the edges were pulled down.

On Friday morning near Leesburg Road in Columbia, a tree was knocked down by gusting winds, falling onto power lines and also hitting a home.

No one was hurt, but we spoke with the homeowner who said it happened in the middle of the night while his family was fast asleep.

"At 6 a.m. this morning, we just heard a big, big noise," said Eric Soleman, the owner of that home. "We woke up from the living room. There was no power to the house and I knew something was bad. So, I come outside and saw the tree on the roof of my house."

Flooding was also a major issue Friday. Riverside Golf Course, off Garner Lane in Columbia, now looks like part of Broad River, as the heavy rain pushed water up over the embankments. You can still see where the nine-hole course was by looking at the flag markers.

Nearby, part of Peeples Street in Columbia was shut down with water overflowing onto the street.

Despite the flooding, some locals are trying to focus on the positives.

"It could have been a lot worse,” said Bruce Spence, who was working to clean up debris. “We just thank God that we haven’t heard of anyone losing their lives over this. So we just thank God that it wasn’t as bad.”

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