Shelter needs donations to help dog found injured, abandoned in Richland Co.

Shelter needs donations to help dog found injured, abandoned in Richland Co.

HOPKINS, S.C. (WIS) - On a Saturday in January, Ciara Fredericks found a dog trapped in a ditch on the side of Bluff Road in Hopkins.

“Covered in maggots all along his back,” Fredericks remembered. “He was trying to pull himself out of that ditch and he was just so happy to see someone who was actually there.”

Fredericks, a veterinary technician, automatically went into rescue mode.

“I just told him I was not gonna let him die in that ditch and we were gonna get him out of there,” she said.

But Fredericks quickly realized the dog, now named Magnus, had serious injuries to his back and could not use his hind legs.

“Maybe (he was) hit by a car or something,” she said. “And as for the wounds down his back, whether that’s rain rot from sitting in that ditch for who knows how long, versus being dragged by a car. We aren’t really sure.”

We may never know what led up to Magnus being left alone on the side of the road. Fredericks says she scanned Magnus for a micro-chip and posted his picture on Facebook, but no one came forward.

Now she hopes to find a home equipped to handle his needs and nurse him back to health.

A few days after rescuing him, Fredericks took Magnus to Pet Helpers in Charleston. They say he needs a battery of expensive tests that will help to decide a plan of treatment.

Fredericks hope people who see Magnus’ story will help them raise the money they need to get him back on his feet.

“Hopefully we can get him back to doing what he wants to do,” she said. “He’s got a lot of fight in him and he’s a real good boy.”

The scans that Magnus needs are estimated to cost around $2,000. To help Magnus, make a donation in his name to the Charleston Pet Helpers.

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