House Speaker shares his education reform plans for House in 2020

House Speaker shares his education reform plans for House in 2020

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - It’s been 11 months since the House passed their a bill some say will overhaul or reform education in the state.

Speaker of the House Jay Lucas (R-Darlington) said he is proud of the bill he filed last year but said there is still room for improvement.

“There’s no silver bullet,” he said. “We’re not going to be able to fix this overnight. The fact we’ve had more than 40 years of neglect isn’t going to make it any easier for us.”

Speaker Lucas said if the Senate passes their version of the bill, the House will make changes to it. "We'll take a look at amending the bill. It's important to note we are not going to be amending the bill back to the way it was."

Senators are set to enter their third week debating amendments to the bill on Tuesday.

He said the House isn't waiting around for the Senate to finish. House members have decided to file smaller bills they believe will help improve education just in case the comprehensive bill stalls in the Senate.

Some of those proposals are already in the bill Senators are debating now on the floor.

So far in 2020, House members have passed legislation that would create a 'Teacher Bill of Rights' and another bill that would reduce the number of statewide tests.

There have been critics of Lucas’ education bill. Members from the grassroots teacher group SC for Ed have been urging legislators to kill the education reform bill in the Senate.

Speaker Lucas said filing the bill was just the start, “I’m not looking for praise. I understand criticism is coming. Somebody had to do this. I didn’t see any alternatives.”

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