Lexington apple butter found on shelves across the country

Lexington apple butter found on shelves across the country

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - She’s peeled thousands of apple in her day. Theresa Adams has created a business out of it. Apple butter is her specialty, and now the Lexington resident sells it across the country.

“I would spend 10 hours a day getting the apples, cooking, cleaning,” Adams said.

Adams Apple Company started in 2014, but Theresa's passion for her product started when she was young alongside her grandmother.

“It seems like everyone who ever tries apple butter has a memory about it,” Adams said.

She says she remembers making apple pie with Grandma, and this inspiration has led her to where she is today. In college Theresa would make apple butter and give it for gifts.

"Everyone loved it," she said.

Her sons would help her in the beginning, but now Adams Apple Company is partnered with a co-packer to ease some of the burden. Adams' products are in more than 175 stores nationwide.

Now she offers a number of flavors, all of which you could find on Adams Apple Mercantile.

Theresa Adams, creator of Adams Apple Mercantile, has vivid memories of her first apple butter encounter. As a little girl growing up in rural Illinois, she remembers watching it cook in a copper kettle on a family farm.

She says business has continued to grow.

“From the first year until now, it’s 10 times what it was. Sales from 2018 to 2019 have doubled,” she said.

Adams also says that community support has also been huge.

“The Lexington community is very supportive and they all get so excited when they see it in a store, they are like ‘I know her!,’” she said.

Theresa says she is still unsure if she wants to enter grocery chains. Right now she is in many specialty stores across the U.S. In the Midlands you can find Adams Apple products in Lowes Food Stores in the ‘local’ section.

You can also see more of Theresa’s products on her company’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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