Comedian Dave Chappelle makes campaign calls ahead of show benefiting Yang

Published: Feb. 1, 2020 at 10:23 AM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Comedian Dave Chappelle was in Columbia on Jan. 29 for a comedy show, but before his performance a few people received surprise campaign calls from the superstar.

“Oh you’re coming to the show,” Chappelle asked one fan over the phone. “Well that’s fantastic! And thank you for your support. For me and for Yang! Alright, Wu Tang.”

As a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate hopeful Andrew Yang, Chappelle was in Columbia at Yang’s headquarters, meeting with fans and voters. Chappelle said he knows he’s not typically one to speak out on issues of politics but he felt this time around, it was something he had to do.

"For a guy like me to be vocal about this kind of thing, it's not really my jam," Chappelle said. "But I've got to do my civic duty. I don't like to say I'm telling people what to do, I'm just letting them know an option that I think is incredible. So it gets more attention, shines more light on it."

Chappelle met with residents and members from Yang’s South Carolina team, who campaigned Wednesday afternoon in the Pinehurst area at the community’s weekly farmer’s market. He also received a certificate on behalf of the State House for his contributions to culture and entertainment.

The comedian said he’s inspired by Yang for being the first Asian American to run for president, however it’s not the only reason.

“It is inspiring to see someone who has the courage to do something that looks unlikely and just be like ‘well why not’. And I’m a big fan of why not. If you believe in something and you’re willing to pursue it and you can build consensus like he obviously has in this very diverse room, then maybe we can make something real special happen and change people’s lives for the better,” Chappelle said.

The comedian listed Yang’s pragmatism as another reason for his support.

“I think people are frustrated,” Chappelle said. “I think this is a really grave time. I think we all need a pragmatist in the office. I think Andrew Yang is the only candidate who has been consistently pragmatic. He’s the only one who says we should run against the reasons that Trump got elected and not focus so much on Trump.”

When asked about whether the comedy show would help win over South Carolina voters... listen to the second video below:

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