Members of SC for Ed return to State House to meet with lawmakers

Members of SC for Ed return to State House to meet with lawmakers

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Amanda Lloyd is a teacher from Laurens District 55.

Wednesday she took a personal day to come to the South Carolina State House.

“To feel like I could be a part of something that could possibly lead to a better environment to my students is huge,” she said.

She joined more than 200 members of SC for Ed for their second annual lobby day. The goal of the day was to meet with lawmakers to give them a clear idea of what life is like inside a South Carolina classroom.

Members of the group met with Governor Henry McMaster (R-South Carolina) Wednesday afternoon.

They spent the day advocating for things like a Teacher of Bill of Rights, smaller class sizes, a change to the school start date and less testing.

Pete Stone is a teacher in Chester County. He said, “I tell students all the time you have greatness on the inside - you’re a miracle beyond comprehension. I want to see them express that and not spend all their time doing data testing for assessments to satisfy someone outside of the classroom.”

Some of these issues members for SC for Ed are advocating for aren't addressed in S.419 - the education bill Senators are debating on the Senate floor.

Members from SC for Ed have been urging lawmakers to kill the bill. Senators we spoke with said work will continue on the bill. The debate has gone for nearly two weeks now.

Senator Stephen Goldfinch (R-Georgetown) said, "Very rarely do we see a piece of bipartisan legislation make it this far and get debated this long in the Senate without something happening."

Senator Nikki Setzler (D-Lexington) said there will most likely be a vote on the bill. "To have a debate and bring these issues to the forefront of this state is a tremendous opportunity," he said.

Lloyd and other members of SC For Ed have given lawmakers until March 17th to make the changes they’d like to see. If not, they might be returning again to the State House, with a bigger crowd. Lloyd said, “We’re not here for us - as so much we’re here for the kids.”

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