DHEC takes proactive approach against Coronavirus

SCDHEC takes proactive approach against Coronavirus

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control updated state lawmakers on how South Carolina should be preparing for the coronavirus.

According to the CDC, the coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China but has spread internationally.

The virus has infected thousands and killed more than 130 people.

As of Wednesday, the CDC is investigating five cases in the United States. None of those have been found in our state, but DHEC says they are taking a proactive approach.

"DHEC has received several reports that we have investigated, none of these cases meet the criteria for being tested," said State Epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell.

According to DHEC, how easily the coronavirus is spread is still somewhat unknown. Although the possibility of the coronavirus being passed from one person to another is worrisome, the CDC believes the risk to the American public remains low for now.

"The death rate ranges from what we know so far, from about 2% to approximately 4% percent of cases," said Bell.

Currently, there are no vaccines to protect against these types of viruses, but the health officials are working on one.

"There's no specific treatment for the virus at this time. Treatment is supportive care," said Dr. Bell.

Bell also says the people who are truly at risk are medical professionals or people who care for those infected.

We did reach out to the University of South Carolina about students traveling from the Wuhan area, they said there are actually a small group of students from the Wuhan province going to school in Columbia, but none of those students were in the area in the last 10-14 days or have any symptoms.

You can watch the full presser conference below:

South Carolina health officials share preparations to combat coronavirus

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