Black Voters Matter Fund on three-day bus tour in SC

Published: Jan. 26, 2020 at 10:59 AM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - We’re now just weeks away from the South Carolina presidential primary election. This weekend, a national group hoping to connect and empower black voters across the country is reaching out to constituents here in the Palmetto State. They’re spreading the message that Black Voters Matter with a weekend bus tour across South Carolina.

Cliff Albright is the co-founder and executive director with the Black Voters Matter Fund. He says, “Our approach is to hear what folks are saying and to acknowledge that the challenges in this country, challenges with voter suppression, challenges of having elected officials actually respond to our policy needs, those are real challenges.”

Traveling in a bus you can’t miss during a three-day tour, Albright says their mission, “is to build power in black communities and we believe elections are one way of doing that, but by no means the only way.”

Another way is by supporting the country’s youth. The tour bus made a scheduled stop at the State House to stand in solidarity with students from the University of South Carolina protesting the possibility of a new war in the Middle East.

“Young folks have a voice. Young folks are the engine of change and they deserve to be heard. They deserve to be supported. So, in every state where we go, we’re always looking for young folks, especially black youth or black students, not just on campuses but black youth in our communities as well. We’re always looking for young folks that we can connect with, that we can learn from, that we can listen to and that we can seed into by giving them the support that they really want and need,” said Albright.

That’s the same message they’re sharing with black voters and all constituents.

Albright says black voters matter, “because we shape the issues and we also help to determine the outcomes of many of these elections. We’ve shaped civil rights policies that all groups have benefited from.”

South Carolina’s primary – considered the first in the South – is coming up February 29. The Black Voters Matter Fund plans to be back in the Palmetto State to support black voters before and after that primary race.

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