Students get hands-on experience with pet grooming during class

Students get hands-on experience with pet grooming during class

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - One class at W.J. Keenan High School could be mistaken for a full functioning business.

Maria Ausburn’s Animal Science II class offers grooming services for actual customers. WJK Salon Pet Grooming is ready for clients.

“It’s a class where you can do things hands-on,” senior Meyome Linwood said.

From bathing, blow drying, clipping nails and dental care, the student-run business has many options for pets.

Ausburn says they have worked with roughly 25 dogs already this school year. The day WIS stopped by, four dogs were being groomed during the 90-minute class.

While some students may not use all the skills learned in this class, others say it may lead to a potential career.

"I want to go to school for vet tech, and I get certification, so I may use it -- could open up my old grooming salon,” Linwood said.

Ausburn added: “Our main focus is to teach them skills, so they leave high school with some skill set. I already have one student that’s about to work at PetSmart because of this class. I am really excited about that.”

If your pet needs grooming, WJK Salon can be reached at (803) 714-2500, ext 3113.

You can also follow along with the class on Twitter by clicking or tapping here.

There are many services offered. Basic Bath is $15. Deluxe Bath is $30. A nail trim is $5. A nail polish is $5. For more details, call the number above. All money goes back into the program.

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