Cedar Creek neighbors worried about discharge from future wastewater treatment facility

Cedar Creek neighbors worried about discharge from future wastewater treatment facility

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) - Lynn Beckham Robertson has lived near Cedar Creek for so long, it’s basically a part of the family.

"I've lived along the banks of Cedar Creek for 69 years, and the land where I live has been in my family since the 1850s," she said. "As a child, I learned to swim in the creek. Our family was dependent on the creek as a source of water."

That’s why Robertson is one of many neighbors concerned with a proposal to construct a wastewater treatment plant for Fairfield County, that would discharge into the creek.

“All of the citizens that live along the banks of Cedar Creek in Richland County, we do not have access to public water at all,” Robertson said. “We’re dependent on well water, and our concern is groundwater contamination, contaminating the aquifers from which our well water is drawn.”

Those close to the project spoke at the Fairfield County Council meeting before the vote to help try to clear up some of the concerns from neighbors.

“There is odor control, everything is covered. it is tertiary treatment. there are 637,000 gallons of that treatment water going to be reused into the membrane system,” one official said.

County leaders say they'll be looking at sites other than the current property they have their eyes on, which is near Syrup Mill and Broome Mill Road. But Robertson says, even if they choose a different site, the outcome is still the same.

"The alternate site would still dump into Cedar Creek, and I am adamantly opposed to any industrial wastewater dumping into Cedar Creek."

A vote at Monday night’s council meeting gave the county administrator the approval to purchase the property near Syrup Mill/Broome Mill. He says they are still weighing options for the facility’s final location.

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