With mom in his corner, Higgins shines as Clemson’s star receiver

With mom in his corner, Higgins shines as Clemson’s star receiver
Clemson wide receiver Tee Higgins gets around Boston College defensive back Jason Maitre in Clemson, S.C. on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019. (Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA) (Source: Travis Bell)

NEW ORLEANS (WIS) - Clemson has adopted the moniker of “WRU” after having some of their best receivers make their way to the National Football League.

Junior wide receiver Tee Higgins has helped to solidify that legacy with his play at Clemson. In three seasons, he has tied Clemson's all-time mark with 27 total touchdown catches. And to think, he nearly gave up his spot in Tiger Town and the sport altogether in his first year at Clemson. His mom kept Higgins on the right path to enjoy this perfect journey.

"It's been amazing.” Tee said. “It's something a kid dreamed. Coming to Clemson has been great.”

The dream felt more nightmarish at the beginning of Higgins' journey in 2017.

"I just had doubt during my freshman year,” he said. “I didn't feel like I really belonged. I was shy. I wasn't outgoing."

His mom became the guiding light.

"Told me to make friends, and I'll be alright,” Higgins recalled when asked about his mother’s advice. “She played a big part. Having her in the back corner, just telling me and teaching me things helped me stay focused. I'm still here."

His mom, Camillia Stewart, battled through an addiction to crack cocaine to remain in Tee's corner. She's been sober for more than 12 years and continues to inspire her son to be at his best.

"Keep me on the right path and keep me going and make a name for myself,” Higgins said. “Keeping her faith in G-D is really outstanding and be on the right track."

Every game day, you can find Stewart in the stands roaring every time Tee finds the end zone.

“Knowing she is the stands gives me more confidence on the field,” he said. “Seeing her in the stands after I score a touchdown, makes me happy seeing her joy.”

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