Who are the WIS mystery pups? We can finally tell you!

Who are the WIS mystery pups? We can finally tell you!

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - If you didn’t get a puppy for Christmas in 2019, we have the paw-fect start to your New Year.

It involves no potty training, no paying for vet bills and zero late-night puppy soothing sessions. All you have to do is watch WIS News 10 at 4 and you’ll get your puppy fill, minus the responsibility. You’re welcome.

Remember when we started showing you adorable puppy video a few weeks ago? Many of you have been asking: What’s the deal with the mystery six-pack of puppies?

Well, it’s finally time, folks. We can tell you who they are! Drumroll please…

The pups are the newest addition to the PAALS family! PAALS stands for Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services.

Please join us in welcoming Sadie’s six puppies, who were born on Black Friday of 2019. On Friday, they turned six weeks old and we cannot get enough of their cuteness!

The pups were bred through the North American Breeding Cooperative (ABC) and Assistance Dogs International (ADI.) PAALS is the only member of ADI based in South Carolina. So, what does that mean? It means that PAALS will keep some pups, and some will go off to other training programs across the country.

We just got word this week that PAALS will be keeping three of the puppies and sending three to other programs. (Story continues below the video.)

Little dogs with big shoes to fill

These puppies are cute -- but smart, too! 🐶 Follow their journey with us! >> http://bit.ly/2R6J0Zn

Posted by WIS TV on Friday, January 10, 2020

WIS has been following the puppies since they were about 2 weeks old and their eyes were still closed! They were born right around the time our beloved Winston graduated from PAALS and set off with his recipient, Danny.

Winston was a mainstay on the WIS morning show for a year and a half as Sunrise followed him through his training to become a service animal for a veteran in need.

Executive Director of PAALS Jennifer Rogers said if they have enough volunteers and “puppy raisers,” her organization will keep three of them to train as future service dogs.

“We are so excited about our next generation of future life-changing service dogs,” Rogers said. “PAALS is in desperate need of puppy raisers either full time or weekends to support them.”

If you’d like to apply to foster puppies or to help PAALS, click or tap here.

Stay tuned to WIS News 10 at 4 for more puppy updates and soon – a studio visit from our newest WIS stars!

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