New semester, new technology: Burton Pack Elementary students utilize new technology is physical education class

Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 5:53 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Some Midlands students have a new way of learning. Physical education classes are changing and four Richland One elementary schools have introduced new technology.

"It’s different because in normal gym classes we don’t have boards,” Burton-Pack Elementary Second Grader Zoey Hunter said referring to a new projected smart board on the gymnasium wall at her school.

It’s called the Lu Interactive System, and it’s turned her gym class into a virtual playground.

"Coach D, he normally has a remote for the board, and then he picks a game, then we all spread out and play the game together," she said.

Stephen Duerr is the physical education teacher at Burton-Pack. He says they have only been using the Lu Interactive System since mid-December. The system incorporates all kinds of learning, from math, science, and spelling, the students are able to mix mind skills with physical skills.

“There are some science games, and all different things, color recognition letter recognition, being able to do it in a different way, we will be able to reach students we have had trouble reaching in the past,” Duerr said.

He says overall it has been a good experience and he could see the Lu Interactive System helping after school programs as well.

He says this system is a good fit for a physical education class.

"I feel like physical education is a hard place to incorporate technology, but with this, we don’t have worries about a smartboard being damaged or an iPad being dropped,” he said.

The Lu Interactive System cost roughly $15,000.

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