How to deal with the post-holiday blues

How to deal with the post-holiday blues

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - The holiday hubbub is slowly fading away, and while you’re packing up ornaments and presents, have you noticed you’re feeling a little down?

Well, you aren’t alone. It might be the post-holiday blues.

A study from the University of Manchester said that 76% of returning employees estimate their stress levels are back to pre-holiday highs within a week of returning to work. There’s even a mathematical formula developed by researchers in Australia to assess how down you may feel when returning to work after a week.

If you have been feeling less joyful as the twinkle lights, parties and gift-giving winds down, experts have some ways you can deal with those emotions.

  • Don’t rush back to work as soon as you return. Give yourself a day to recover from stressful traveling.
  • Unpack immediately, organize your home and bedroom to prep for the week.
  • Organize something you can look forward to when you get back, like a meal out with friends or an evening out.
  • Set a small, achievable goal for your first week of the new year.
  • Bring some of the holiday cheer to your regular life. Leave up lights and decor that brings you joy.

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