Heart Healthy Holiday: Hanukkah recipes with the American Heart Association

Heart Healthy Holiday: Hanukkah recipes with the American Heart Association

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - It is almost time for windows around the Midlands to be lit with freshly-burning menorahs as Hanukkah is just around the weekend bend.

With Hanukkah beginning at sundown on December 22, we wanted to make sure you’re geared up with as much potato-loving information as humanly possible. And if you’ve never had a latke (potato pancake!), we’re here to tell you that 1) you’re missing out and 2) we have you covered with these recipes.

As you get ready to make all the symbolic oil-dense foods – Kay Macinnis from the American Heart Association is back in the WIS kitchen with some heart-healthy swaps if you’re watching your cholesterol this holiday season.

Kay’s tips:

  • Try baking the latkes instead of frying them! Lightly spray or sprinkle olive oil on a baking sheet. Using your potato latkes, or alternative latkes with carrots and zucchini spirals, make pancakes by flattening the dough with your hands and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Flip and bake until crispy or golden brown to your liking.
  • Instead of topping your latkes with sour cream, try a protein-rich Greek yogurt.
  • Sub egg whites for full eggs in your kugel and use orange juice as a sweetener instead of sugar. You can also sub apricots for traditional raisins and skip the butter and white sugar altogether. Top with extra cinnamon for an extra dash of YUM.
  • Try grilling your salmon on a cedar plank! The natural wood will give your salmon a fresh flavor. Add lemon and dill to taste.

Stay tuned for next week’s Christmas edition!

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