Delay in funds for scholarships has Barclay School fighting to stay open

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 8:12 PM EST
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RIDGEWAY, S.C. (WIS) - Not all students fit into the fabric of an everyday K-12 public school environment.

Some deal with learning disabilities that require special attention, while others struggle with social situations that can affect their learning. That's where the Barclay School comes in.

"This is a place that is safe loving and nurturing,” said Dr. Gillian Barclay-Smith. “Its’ a cliché to say we are a family, but this my family and I think the children would all agree."

The school has been life-changing for many of its students, but due to new IRS regulations, funding has become a concern for the school.

The Barclay School is, by all means, a private school, which requires parents to pay tuition, but oftentimes that money does not cover the number of extra needs some of these students require.

According to Exceptional SC, the organization providing the funds for these scholarships, the money is still being provided to schools like Barclays. It just was delayed due to changes in tax regulations. Because of this issue, parents are worried about losing the great progress they said their kids have seen while at the school.

"I was here for like a couple months and I like instantly started to read...cause I had really big problems,” one student said. “My mom jokes they sprinkled pixie dust on me and I suddenly learned how to read."

That's the kind of magical effect that parents and students said the school has had on them and, because of that, parents and staff of the school are now working to keep their doors open.

The school and their parents have started an effort to raise funds for the school.

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