Richland Two third graders look to see more women represented on street signs

Richland Two third graders look to see more women represented on street signs

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Some of the city’s youngest citizens are taking matters into their own hands to make change.

Third graders from Richland Two’s Center for Inquiry have some issues with street names in Columbia, and they made their way to City Hall this week to make their voices heard.

These students have found almost all streets in Columbia named after people, are named after men.

“We learned about there only being one street named after a woman, Lady Street is named after Martha Washington,” third grader Kiersten Wright said. “We thought that needed to change.”

The students presented in front of council members and Mayor Stephen Benjamin on Tuesday night. They expressed their hopes to have some new streets named after women.

Students mentioned a few women who should have their names considered, including Matilda Arabella Evans, Nikki Haley and Marian Wright Edelman, among others.

Benjamin expressed how impressed and happy he was to have such young people drawing interest in this topic. After their presentation, he thanked the students and had some encouraging words.

"I think we will have some cool announcements really soon," he said.

After the meeting, students said they were very happy with how things turned out.

"It was really exciting and fun to meet the mayor and talk to him," Tiffany Irizarry said.

Wright added: “They didn’t just think we were cute. They took us serious.”

The next Columbia City Council meeting is Dec. 17.

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