Red Cross volunteers respond to a fire every four hours, how you can help on Giving Tuesday

Red Cross volunteers respond to a fire every four hours, how you can help on Giving Tuesday

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - On Dec. 3, millions of people will be inspired to do a good deed on this Giving Tuesday. It’s a global movement encouraging everyone to help make a positive change and there are a number a ways to get involved.

Giving Tuesday is what you make it. For you, that could mean giving money, giving your voice or your time.

There are an unlimited amount of organizations to choose from if you’re interested in giving.

Volunteer training coordinator, Morgan Jones, explained just how far that help goes at the Red Cross.

This year, for Giving Tuesday, the Red Cross is asking everyone to Give Something that Means Something. That could be in the form of a monetary donation, volunteering your time or donating blood. The help you provide, in turn, goes back to those in need and Red Cross officials say that need is constant.

Every eight minutes, someone affected by disaster is helped by donations to the Red Cross through shelter, food, supplies and recovery assistance.

“When we see people, we often see them on the worst day of their lives. It may be a home fire where their house is burned down. They’re suddenly displaced, often in the middle of the night. They have children. The Red Cross volunteers show up. In fact, we respond about every four hours, in South Carolina, to a home fire. People don’t know that,” Jones said.

When a crisis forces you outside of your home in the middle of the night, Jones says, the support from Red Cross volunteers at that moment can make all the difference.

In 2018, Red Cross volunteers helped nearly 7,000 people after some sort of disaster in South Carolina, including fires, hurricanes and flooding.

The Red Cross also supplies state hospitals with the blood needed for surgeries.

Jones says your donations are crucial to the assistance the Red Cross provides during disasters.

“Giving Tuesday is a huge day for us. People think about giving financially, and that’s important. Just $250 could help serve meals for 25 people during a disaster response. $100, how far could that go? Well, we can service a family of two, provide emergency shelter, meals, snacks, cots, hygiene items, blankets to keep them warm for just $100.”

Jones says he recognizes that not everyone is able to give that much, and says every little bit helps.

Beginning December 3, and throughout its 2019 Holiday Giving Campaign, the Red Cross is asking everyone to #GiveWithMeaning by visiting:

For more information about Giving Tuesday visit

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