Testimony continues in Lexington County Sheriff’s Department IT employee’s killing

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 7:58 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - A Lexington County jury heard its second full day of expert and witness testimony on Tuesday, as it tries to decide whether a Lexington County man brutally killed his wife less than a month before their divorce was set to be finalized.

Lindsey Lee, 31, was found dead inside her West Columbia home on March 14, 2017, after she didn’t show up for work. SLED investigators processed the entire home she had once shared with her estranged husband, Jason Lee.

According to prosecutors, the two had separated almost a year before her death and were preparing to finalize their divorce in April of 2017.

Tuesday morning, the jury heard from several DNA scientists, who testified regarding their analysis of dozens of samples collected inside Lee’s home. Among them were nail clippers, door handles, the laundry machine, a butcher knife and three pieces of what prosecutors believe were blue latex gloves found in the foyer and dining room of the home.

The butcher knife, found in a block in the kitchen, did not test positive for the presumption of blood on the blade, according to testimony. However, the handle of the knife did.

Analysts said several areas of the house tested positive for the presumption of blood, including the floor of the foyer, in the bathroom where Lee was discovered, and a towel found lying in the living room.

Prosecutors focused the jury’s attention on the three blue pieces of latex found on the floor after a DNA expert testified two of the pieces had a very high concentration of Jason Lee’s DNA on them. So much, in fact, the expert testified he would expect the same amount of DNA to be left on a latex glove worn by someone.

Investigators also documented the inside of Jason Lee’s work van, personal car and apartment. Inside his Greenville apartment, investigators took pictures of at least eight knives, although all tested negative for the presence of blood and are not said to be connected to Lee’s murder. They also found pictures of Lee’s bathroom during a remodeling project when the couple was still together.

Defense attorneys stressed to the jury the dozens of photographs taken by investigators of Lee’s apartment and vehicles were for documentation purposes only. Prosecutors argued they show Lee had access to different kinds of weapons.

While inside Lee’s apartment, investigators found a backpack containing a package of blue latex gloves, similar in color and material to the pieces found in Lindsey Lee’s home, prosecutors argued.

Lee’s defense team argued the gloves could be used for hunting.

Tuesday afternoon, the jury heard from Evan McLeod, Jason Lee’s girlfriend at the time of his estranged wife’s death. She testified to calling Lee the evening of March 13, 2017 on her way home from work in the Upstate.

“So after work on Monday, I gave him a call on my way home,” she said. “He mentioned his foot was giving him trouble, that he was hurting and heading home that night and was going to take some pain medication to help and just go to bed early.”

McLeod said she had never known Lee to take pain medication and when she texted him around 9:25 p.m. that evening, he did not reply.

The jury also heard from the estranged couple’s tax prep consultant, who said on March 15, one day after Lee’s body was found, Jason Lee called her and asked if their refund could be transferred into a different account.

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