Family for Life: Jasmine & Savion

Family for Life: Jasmine & Savion

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Since we started our Family for Life series, I hear from people all the time who say they’ve thought about adoption but never took the next step.

Tonight, we have a story that I hope will convince you to move past your fears to claim your blessing.

Jasmine, 15, and Savion, 14, have always known about their adoption but the word that has more power in this home

“To be honest I wouldn’t know where I would be right now so I’m glad I’m in a loving home,” Jasmine said.

“I don’t know where I would be at like probably still bouncing around from home to home but up to it blessed and glad I’m in this house because I know I’m loved,” Savion said.

Bridget knew she wanted to adopt every since she was a little girl watching a TV show about children in need. Curtis also had a heart for helping children but admits he had some reservations. “He knows I get attached really quickly and he didn’t want my heartbroken,” Bridget said.

Like most families, they wondered if they knew enough or had enough to give.

“We were fearful of not knowing, the unknown but like we said [we] step out on faith and we just knew that no matter what we were going to give a child a home,” Bridget said.

Curtis remembers when they first met Jas. “When she walked in the playroom, she came directly to me she didn’t go to Bridget she came directly to me,” he recalled.

Bridget remembers one day when Savion thought he was being moved again. “He ran up my leg, up to my arm and hold on to my neck so tight because he didn’t want them to take them back,” she remembered.

They promised them they will never be alone again.

“If I can see my kids grow up to be successful, respectful, and just be who they are I’ll be the happiest person in the world,” Curtis said.

“Not only were we a blessing to them to provide them a home, they are a blessing to us,” Bridget said.

They are giving their full hearts while also nurturing their gifts and talents.

Savion is a little shy but he has amazing creative energy and is a very talented artist. He also loves soccer and basketball.

Jasmine loves soccer too and she wants to be a forensic psychologist. But she also has a creative side she expresses through writing and singing.

Bridget and Curtis have high hopes for their children and say family will be the reason they achieve their dreams.

There is no cost to adopt from foster care in South Carolina.

Many people might think the process of adoption is overwhelming but adopting through the SC Department of Social Services really comes down to these five steps:

1. Make the call to Heartfelt Calling,, (888) 828-3555, and fill out an application.

2. Attend training to help identify the types of children that would fit into your family.

3. Meet with an adoption specialist for interviews in your home. Submit medical forms and references. Complete your home’s fire and sanitation inspections. The selection committee matches your family with a child and shares the full background.

4. Meet the child and begin visitation. When the child and family are ready, the child is placed in the home.

5. You are now on the way to your final adoption day!

Find out more about adoption and see children who are waiting for forever families at and

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