New CDC report shows alarming uptick in youth suicide rates

Report: Suicide rates in teens, young adults increase

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A disturbing trend surfaced Thursday in a new CDC report.

The CDC reports that, between 2007 to 2017, the rate of teens and young adults ages 10 to 24 who died by suicide went up by 58%. Among children ages 10 to 14, it tripled in that same time period.

Researchers also found that suicide was the second-leading cause of death in that same age group in 2017. While the study's researchers noted a big uptick in those numbers, they reported they can't say for certain what the culprit is for the rise.

Meanwhile, many who have been chiming in are blaming cyberbullying and social media as a critical piece of the puzzle, though it certainly isn’t the only factor.

Licensed counselor and trauma specialist Jennifer Wolff joined Sam Bleiweis and Greg Adaline on WIS News 10 at 4 to highlight warning signs parents should be on the lookout for in their teens and young adults, as well as how parents can talk to kids about constructive ways to use social media.

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